Animate an object with custom animation

Custom animations allow you to apply a variety of effects to objects on the slide. You can create and manage custom animations from the Custom Animation task pane.

The Custom Animation task pane shows all animations applied to objects on a slide, whether as part of an animation scheme or as a custom animation effect.
  1. Right-click the object you wish to animate and choose Custom Animation.
  2. The Custom Animation task pane appears.

    Custom animation task pane

  3. Select an object on the slide.
  4. Click the Add Effect button.
  5. Choose an effect.

There are four types of effects that can be added to an object. They are:

  • Entrance
  • Emphasis
  • Exit
  • Motion Paths

Entrance animations affect how an object first appears in the slide. Emphasis affects an element already within a slide. Exit animations affect how an object disappears from the slide. Motion Path is a custom method of moving an element within a slide.

When choosing a specific effect, you may choose to display the effect the animation will have on that element. Checking the Preview Effect box will display the animation as you select it.

After creating a custom animation you may notice a couple things on the slide.

Animation indicators on slides

The first thing to notice is the numbering system. This is the sequence that the elements will be animated.

You should also notice a change to the task pane.

Animation task pane

You can tell what type of animation is being used by what sort of icon appears next to the animation. The green star indicates an entrance animation.

The other icon in this window, the mouse, indicates that the animation will be activated by a mouse click. The screen prompt that appears when you hover the mouse cursor over the description also explains this.


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