Alpha NT Resources

Alpha NT Resources

These resources will give you a wealth of information if you run Windows NT on an Alpha platform. You can find most of the online links through the AlphaNT Source, my Alpha-specific Web site.

Books: Alpha AXP Architecture Reference Manual, 2nd edition
Author: Richard L. Sites and Richard T. Witek
Publisher: Digital Press
Boston, 1995
ISBN 1-55558-145-5
Price: $54.95
Microsoft Windows NT Server Resource Kit Version 4.0
Author: Microsoft
Publisher: Microsoft Press
Redmond, 1997
ISBN 1-57231-559-8
Price: $39.99; 336 pages
Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 4.0 Resource Kit
Author: Microsoft
Publisher: Microsoft Press
Redmond, 1996
ISBN: 1-57231-343-9
Price: $69.95; 1408 pages
Optimizing Windows NT
Author: Sean K. Daily
Publisher: IDG Books Worldwide
Foster City, 1997
Price: $49.99; 800 pages
Programs: Association of Software and Application Partners (ASAP):
Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN):
Web sites: Alpha Applications Catalog
Alpha Processor Home
The AlphaNT Source:
Digital Semiconductor Alpha Microprocessors Home:
Digital Semiconductor Documentation Library:
Digital Semiconductor's FX!32:
Digital's Windows Enterprise Computing:
NT/Alpha Solution Center:
Windows NT Internet Resources:
Windows NT Magazine Solutions Directory:
CompuServe forum: GO DEC4WNT

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