All-in-One Batch-File Renamer

You've probably got a plethora of media files on your hard disk these days, from digital photos to music to movies to documents of all kinds. Keeping those files tidy and organized is important so that you can easily find what you are looking for. How much time do you spend fiddling with filenames to make them fit your personal taste? What if that process could be done automatically?

Flash Renamer lets you automatically transform your filenames from unreadable junk to perfectly manicured filenames with a single click. You can set casing to uppercase, lowercase, or title case. You can rename MP3 files by using their tags and properties. You can search and replace strings within filenames. You can extract metadata from media, such as width/height or duration. You can see real-time previews of new filenames.

Flash Renamer 5.0 costs $19.95. For more information and to try a fully functional download version, check out the company Web site.

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