After a 4 Month Support Hiatus, Strava Wants to Fix Band 2 Data Issues

After a 4 Month Support Hiatus, Strava Wants to Fix Band 2 Data Issues

I’ve talked about this before, but of all the integrations between Microsoft Health and 3rd party services, Strava remains the one that produces the most inaccurate results. Strava will tell you that it recalculates the data it receives – from any device, not just Band 2. Why it does this – or why Strava believes it has to do this – is difficult to understand. But, for Band 2 owners that have chosen Strava as a service, it’s been a frustrating ride.

As a runner, I’ve personally tested every one of the provided integrations and found that MapMyFitness (now part of Under Armour) is probably the most feature rich for runners. While Strava is great for biking, the runners experience leaves a bit to be desired. But, that makes complete sense because biking is where Strava’s focus remains.

So, it’s been a while (since early January 2016), but it seems the Strava team has cleared its plate enough to want to help figure out where the issue lies again. A support thread for the Band 2/Strava problem that started back in July 2015 has seen a couple responses from the Strava team (specifically Elle Anderson), with the last one (before yesterday) on January 4, 2016. Despite a continuous stream of complaints over the problem on Twitter, Facebook, and in the support thread itself, it took until yesterday for Elle to circle back to give hope to the hopeless.

If history serves, this may be the last time we hear from Elle for another 5-6 months, so you may want to make your submission a stellar one, but if you’re a Strava user and Band owner, according to Elle now is the time to provide your inconsistent data…

Provide your stats in the following thread: Inconsistent Data When Uploaded From Microsoft Band?

Let’s hope this renewed effort finally sees a fix applied. Throughout this issue Strava has blamed Microsoft for poorly constructed GPX/TCX files, yet Strava is the only integrated service out of the entire list that doesn’t work properly.

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