Add connectors to shapes

You can add connectors to the various shapes. This will leave the shapes connected even if they are moved around.

  1. Click AutoShapes on the Drawing toolbar.
  2. Choose Connectors.
    If you are going to draw several connectors, consider "tearing off" the Connectors menu by dragging its handle away from the menu heading.
  3. Pick the desired connection line.
  4. Hover over a shape and you will see the connection points appear as blue dots.
  5. Drag from the connection points on one shape to the connection points on another shape to draw the connector.

As you drag the mouse cursor to create a connector, the shapes that the mouse hovers over will display blue dots. These dots are connection handles to which the connector can attach. The mouse pointer will also change shape. As you drag the mouse to the target shape and near a connection handle, the pointer will change to a square 'target' shape.

connection handles

You can tell that the connection is made when you release the mouse button because the ends of the connector will appear red. If you do not make the connection, the free end will appear green.

connector shape

Once the connection is made, you can move a shape and the connection will remain.

The yellow diamond in the center of the connector allows you to change the shape of the connector, making one side smaller than another, for example.

connector handles

When a line is selected, you can change its appearance by adjusting the line thickness and style. These tools are found on the Drawing toolbar and are manipulated the same way as any other shape.

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