The Activity Challenges Available in New Microsoft Band Facebook Connection

The Activity Challenges Available in New Microsoft Band Facebook Connection

One of the more anticipated features in the April 2016 Microsoft Band update is the ability to generate activity leaderboards and fitness challenges. I’ll be digging deep into this feature in an upcoming article, but for now, this feature is essentially a connection to Facebook where Microsoft Health locates other Band owners in your Facebook friends list and auto-creates your group of potential competitors.

Currently, there’s only a few activity challenges available. They are:

  • Step challenge – the Step challenge is just like it sounds. You can challenge someone (or they can challenge you) to a “step-off,” or a competition of who can generate the most steps.
  • Cardio minutes challenge – the Cardio Minutes challenge doesn’t show who actually burned the most calories, but instead shows who put in the most minutes doing cardio activities. This puts competitors on a more even keel considering some cardio exercises might be too difficult for some participants.
  • Run challenge – The Run challenge works for both GPS-enabled and treadmill runs. It shows who logs the most miles performing a Run activity.
  • Bike challenge – This challenge is limited to GPS-enabled bike rides. It doesn’t work with a stationary bike. It records who biked the farthest distance.

What else would you like to see in a future update?

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