Active Directory Enhancements: OR What Would Elvis Do?

Did you miss The Experts Conference last month? No worries--you can find videos of some of the presentations on YouTube. My personal favorite is "The 2009 Wook Lee Memorial Pro/Am Challenge." Something about seeing Active Directory experts grooving to Elvis just raises the spirits on a boring Monday.

As a public service, I've posted it below. But in the interests of full disclosure, I must point out that three of the singers are not only AD experts but they also write for Windows IT Pro: Gil Kirkpatrick, Sean Deuby, and Guido Grillenmeier. Guess we've been pushing them a little too hard lately.

Anyway, as one of the participants, who shall remain nameless, says, "A little explanation is in order so we (well, most of us) don't look like complete idiots. The 2009 Wook Lee Memorial Pro/Am Challenge from Stuart Kwan required that we provide a list of the top ten Active Directory enhancements—to the tune of an Elvis song. Since Stuart had snuck out of the conference before we had a chance to present it to him...we had to make a video."


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