Accessing the Surface Book’s BIOS

Accessing the Surface Book’s BIOS

The Surface Book may be a next generation device, but it’s still controlled by a standard computer BIOS. Those of us that have worked in IT for any length of time have had to tweak and configure the computer’s BIOS.

To access the Surface Book BIOS, with the Surface Book fully shutdown (powered off), use the following key sequence to access the Surface Book BIOS (Surface UEFI):

  1. Press and hold the Volume Up button when you press and release the Power button.

  2. Keep holding the Volume Up button until you see the Surface logo appear on the screen. You can then release the Volume Up button.

Once in the Surface Book BIOS, you’ll have access to the following pages…

  • PC Information

  • Security

  • Devices

  • Boot Configuration

  • About

  • Exit

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