Access Denied: Installing SUS on DCs

We want to use Microsoft Software Update Services (SUS) to protect our systems against new security threats. Unfortunately, you can't install SUS on domain controllers (DCs), and all our servers are DCs—we don't have any member servers available to run SUS. Can you suggest a solution?

The solution is SUS Service Pack 1 (SP1). SUS is a great tool that lets you use a simple Web interface to automatically and securely push out security updates to thousands of computers according to your policies and approval. SUS SP1 lets you install SUS on DCs as well as on Microsoft Small Business Server (SBS) 2000 servers, neither of which was possible before SUS SP1. SUS SP1 gives you more flexibility in how you handle reboots after applying updates to workstations on which the user is still logged on. SUS SP1 also provides links to detailed information about update packages so that you can research an update package directly from SUS and fixes other bugs or annoyances related to Microsoft IIS Lockdown and Internet access through proxy servers.

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