7 Microsoft Security Bulletins for February 2006

Although Microsoft released seven security updates this month, organizations running Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 (SP1), Windows XP SP2, and Microsoft Office 2003 will be able to avoid loading all but one patch (MS06- 005), assuming administrators refrain from dangerous interactive activities on servers. If you're using a Web browser other than Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE), be sure to read bulletin MS06-006. If you still run Office 2000, MS06-010 will be important to you, as will MS06-009 if you have Office 2003 Proofing Tools or East Asian language versions of Windows or Office on your network. For more information about the seven bulletins listed below, go to


MS06-004--Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer (910620)

MS06-005--Vulnerability in Windows Media Player Could Allow Remote Code Execution (911565)

MS06-006--Vulnerability in Windows Media Player Plug-in with Non-Microsoft

MS06-007--Vulnerability in TCP/IP Could Allow Denial of Service (913446)

MS06-008--Vulnerability in Web Client Service Could Allow Remote Code Execution (911927)

MS06-009--Vulnerability in the Korean Input Method Editor Could Allow Elevation of Privilege (901190)

MS06-010--Vulnerability in PowerPoint 2000 Could Allow Information Disclosure (889167)

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