3 Alternatives to LogMeIn Free

3 Alternatives to LogMeIn Free

Reported earlier today, the 10 year free product from LogMeIn, Inc. will be consumed by a fully paid model (read the news here: LogMeOut: LogMeIn Free To Shutdown). The news has affected a lot of LogMeIn customers and many are scrambling to find an alternate free solution instead of succumbing to LogMeIn's request for cash. After the news broke, the social wires lit up with customer disappointment (with disappointment being a kind word).

So, what's available? What software have others found just as useful as LogMeIn? Here's a few quick captures for you to check out.


With more than 200 million installations, TeamViewer is a popular desktop sharing solution. TeamViewer is part of the GFI Software family. TeamViewer is free for all non-commercial users and can be downloaded directly from the web site.

Web site: http://www.teamviewer.com/

Supports: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 – incl. cross-platform connections.

More info: TeamViewer Brochure


CrossLoop offers screen sharing and remote computer access components for free. It utilizes a web browser to store computer accounts and provide access to those computers that have been registered for the account. CrossLoop is basically a shell created to run VNC in the background, so a supported VNC client is required on the client.

Web site: http://www.crossloop.com/

Supports: Any web-enabled computer running a modern web browser for admin access, and VNC running on the remote computer.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Surprisingly, and unbeknownst to me until I started looking for alternate solutions, Google produces a Chrome browser plugin that provides secure remote access. If you use Chrome as a web browser, this may prove to be a good, lightweight solution. Chrome browser usage is required at both ends of the connection.

Web site (Google Play Store): Chrome Remote Desktop app

Support: Any computer able to run the Chrome web browser.

More info: How to install and setup


Do you have any other solutions that you find reliable, free, and easy to use? With so many LogMeIn Free users now looking for alternatives, drop a note in the comments to help them out.

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