2GB Serverless Backup Consortium Formed

Computer Associates (CA), nStor Technologies, Overland Data, and QLogic have joined to promote the adoption of 2GB serverless backup for Fibre Channel-based Storage Area Networks (SANs). The new consortium will offer tested and proven backup solutions in 1GB and 2GB environments.

Overland Data is one of the leaders in the new consortium. Dave Morton, the company's director of product management, said, "Everyone understands that data amounts are exploding, manpower is diminishing, and the backup window is shrinking. Today's IT administrators need a way to back up and restore quickly, without burdening the overtaxed servers. That's why it's so important for customers to have access to a proven backup solution, free of guesswork. By leveraging our longtime relationships with CA, QLogic, and nStor Technologies, our customers are guaranteed an exhaustively tested, end-to-end, ready-to-use solution." The company's Neo series LXN2000 and LXN4000 support serverless backup and restore functions over a 2GB SAN.

With its certification of Overland's devices (including the Neo series), CA's BrightStor Enterprise Backup lets customers take advantage of the solutions that Overland's products provide. QLogic and nStor Technologies plan to use Overland's products to complement their SAN solutions.


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