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Sponsor Spotlight: Conversational Geek at #ITDevConnections

The annual IT/Dev Connections Conference for 2017 recently wrapped up in San Francisco, California at the Hilton Union Square Hotel.

We talked to all of our event sponsors about their products, services, and why they sponsor and attend a show like IT/Dev Connections.

Tell us a little bit about Conversational Geek.

We are writers, speakers and evangelists about most anything tech. Conversational Geek started as an actual book concept for IT Pros and consumers. We decided that White Papers shows how the vendor sees their technology and how it works in the world and that those working in technology needed an outsider perspective for these vendor technologies. All of our books are vendor neutral and written by an industry expert on the topic. Vendors can pay to sponsor the book and the vendor chapter has no marketing but is a technically accurate discussion about the product. This chapter is not written by the vendor but their solution might help the reader with a solution.

How does your solutions make technologists job easier?

The books are a deep primer on a subject area written by someone in the industry who understands the subject of the book. Some of the books, which are always free in both their physical a digital forms, could even be beneficial instead of hiring a consultant to come in and advise the company on a certain technology.

What advice would you give to those in the technology profession so they can be better prepared for tomorrow and the future?

Today's IT Pros and Developers are always head down working on the next thing on their to do list and rarely have time to look up from their work and catch up on current technologies. The Conversational Geek books are a way to learn about a subject very quickly in a short period of time. They are are also updated regularly as the technology itself changes. If you are looking for succint data then these books can give you that and access to industry experts while you focus on your work.

When IT/DevConnections attendees walk up to your booth this week what are you talking to them about? What kind of questions are coming from them?

Many believe there is a catch to the free aspect of our books. Once they realize there is no gotcha to the free books  think it is a pretty cool idea. Many ask about whether a certain topic might be available and if we do not have that one we will ask if they want to write a book on that area. We are always looking for authors and new topics.

Finally, why does your company invest in being a sponsor for an event like IT/Dev Connections?

We want these folks to know that we exist and that books like these are available to help them out. It gives us an opportunity to create brand awareness to help grow our business and we get to giveaway books. We also enjoy the speaking opportunity to these folks that are heads down and getting work done.

Learn more about Conversational Geek by visiting their website. You can also follow them on Twitter - @ConvGeek.


Visit the IT/Dev Connections website to signup for news about about when registration will open for next years event which will be held in Dallas, Texas from 15-18 October 2018 at the Dallas Fairmont right in the heart of downtown.

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