SGI Announces NAS Device

Silicon Graphics Inc. (SGI), known for the high-end computers used in the production of many Hollywood movies, has announced a new high-performance Network Attached Storage (NAS) device. The device, SGI File Server, uses SGI's XFS file system, which can provide capacity of more than 50TB of storage. The device targets companies that manage extremely large data sets in technical and creative markets.

The SGI File Server is based on SGI's NUMAflex technology, an architecture that supports scaling upgrades by using modules. The server works with UNIX and Windows networks through NFS and Common Internet File System (CIFS). The server also offers direct-attach tape backup, Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM), high availability, and point-in-time copy options.

Two SGI File Server models are available immediately: SGI File Server 830 and SGI File Server 850. The SGI File Server 830 is an Ultra160 SCSI Just a Bunch of Disks (JBOD) with support for 8.6TB. Pricing for the model starts at $49,100 for 144GB of storage. The SGI File Server 850 is a Fibre Channel RAID array with support for up to 50TB. Prices for the model start at $67,750 for 432GB of storage.

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