Add and Configure Outlook’s Pfbackup

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Microsoft Personal Folders Backup (pfbackup.exe) lets you automatically back up Outlook's personal folders (i.e., .pst files). You can download Pfbackup from

In some cases, Pfbackup is installed but doesn't show up in Outlook's File menu. If you try to uninstall the program, you'll be unsuccessful and you might receive the error message This action is only valid for products that are currently installed. The Microsoft article "OFF2000: Error Message When You Start Program: 'This Application Must Be Installed to Run' or 'This Action Is Only Valid for Products That Are Currently Installed'" ( discusses this error. However, the solution applies only to Windows Me and Windows 9x.

To solve this problem on a Windows 2000 system, you need to add Pfbackup to Outlook's list of active COM add-ins. Select Tools, Options from Outlook's menu bar. Select the Other tab and click Advanced Options. Then, click COM Add-Ins, Add. Browse to the outbak.dll file's location. Click OK in each of the four windows to close them. Pfbackup will then appear in Outlook's File menu.

If your machine doesn't contain the outbak.dll file, or if you try to use the File, Backup command and you receive the error message Could not load backappl.exe. Backup Failed, go to a machine with a working Pfbackup installation and copy all the files from the C:\program files\microsoft office\office\addins directory to the machine on which the program isn't working. Also, copy the backappl.exe file from the C:\program files\microsoft office\office directory. Don't overwrite any files on the destination PC or directory.

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