Developer Days Focus on Web-Based Enterprise Commerce Solutions

Microsoft front-line technical experts will teach Developer Days 2000 attendees how to build real-world, Web-based solutions from architecture and implementation perspectives. The conference is scheduled for October 10, 2000, at 34 locations across North America. A general session will introduce Microsoft .NET Enterprise Servers in a real-world scenario, and sample applications will illustrate how these products can help solve business challenges. An implementation track will focus on how to build enterprise commerce solutions. Track attendees will learn how to use the XML capabilities in Microsoft Commerce Server 2000 and SQL Server 2000 to build a customer-focused front end and how the back-end Business-to-Business portion of the sample application uses Microsoft BizTalk Sever 2000, SQL Server 2000, and XML to exchange information with partners. An architecture track focuses on the decisions and tradeoffs involved in designing and architecting enterprise solutions with Microsoft .NET Enterprise Servers. The conference is sponsored by Compaq, SQL Server Magazine and Windows 2000 Magazine. For registration and conference location information, visit

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