The Windows IT Pro, SQL Server Pro, and Dev Pro Community Choice award program offers a unique way for the community to determine their favorite vendors and products on the market. Both vendors and users have the opportunity to nominate tools, and then the community takes part in the popular Final Voting period. You can be sure that the winners of our Community Choice awards represent the cream of the crop in the various markets we cover.

These are competitive and multifaceted fields, in which many products show uncommon breadths of functionality and originality. Often, it can be a challenge to determine among these tools which ones are of true value. We hope to help you with that decision-making. By the time voting comes to a close, you will have determined Gold, Silver, and Bronze winners in each category, and these winners will unquestionably be worthy of serious consideration if you're in the market for a new tool.

Contest Notes:

* If you don't see a favorite product listed in a given category, contact Jason Bovberg ([email protected]) to submit your product. If it's a fit for the category, we'll add it.

* All free and open-source products are listed in the "Best Free or Open Source Product" category.

* We reserve the right to move products into more appropriate categories if needed.

* Only votes accompanied by a valid, unique email address will be counted. Only one entry per person.

* Any attempt to manipulate the voting by casting duplicate entries, voting in large blocks from the same IP address range, or offering reward for votes will result in those votes being discarded.

Questions? Contact Jason Bovberg ([email protected])