Microsoft Removing Single-file Upload Size Limitations for OneDrive

Microsoft Removing Single-file Upload Size Limitations for OneDrive

There's a few Cloud-type technologies that I would not like to give up and OneDrive is one of those. Most of my professional and personal life is contained in Microsoft's storage medium. And, while the company continues to improve the service in various areas, including constantly increasing storage capacity for each subscriber, there's been an imposed limit on how large single file uploads can be. The limit has been 2GB, and based on up-voting, customers have decided that it's not enough.

To me, 2GB seems adequate, but I'm not every user and as more people utilize Microsoft's Cloud storage service, needs and requirements are always evolving. Basically, the more you use it, the more uses you expose, and eventually you run up against barriers that need to be moved. Videos, digital art, and even CAD files can be so large that the 2GB limitation is, well, limiting.

Fortunately, Microsoft has been listening and deemed this much-requested feature worthy of addressing globally very soon.

Starting soon, Microsoft will start increasing the upload limit for a small number of users and then eventually roll it out to the entire OneDrive customer base. Based on a Reddit post, the process may have started already. One user, megaman821, noted a day ago that some larger files that wouldn't sync before, due to the limit, had finally managed to sync.

There's no mention as to what the new limit might be, only that the larger files are now able to deliver to OneDrive storage.

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