Ignite 2017: Expo Show Floor Gallery

Beyond the keynotes, technical deep dive sessions, and the many theater presentations at Microsoft Ignite there is a massive Expo that happens in conjunction with the event. It is filled with companies who provide products and services that are built on Microsoft's own products and services.

The companies with booths on the floor cover the entire spectrum of business models and they are there to share with the more than 25,000 attendees what value they can add to businesses from an IT perspective.

Microsoft own product groups are well represented at the Expo as well to talk to customers about the various services and how they can be maximized by these IT Pros and others attending the show.

Of course, there is plenty of hardware on display running Windows 10 plus this year Microsoft is offering the Microsoft Devices Immersion Experience where customers can check out hardware like Surface Studio, Surface Hub, and other devices in action.

This year the Quantum Computer that was discussed near the end of Satya Nadella's Vision Keynote is on display as well at the main entrance of the Expo so you can get a little closer look at its intricate setup.

The other tip for the Expo Show is to look for people standing in lines because the longer the line the better the swag that is being given away. Of course, all the attendee has to do is let the company scan their badge so the company can follow up with them on their products on display.

Enjoy the virtual tour.

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