Ignite 2017 Atrium

Ignite 2017: Day One News Wrap Up from Orlando

Today in central Florida, Microsoft kicked off Ignite with more than 25,000 registered attendees in attendance.

The day began with the Vision Keynote led by Satya Nadella whom was introduced by Julia White and both of them started off by acknowledging the impact of Hurricane Irma on this area and talked about Microsoft's efforts this week to contribute to the ongoing relief efforts. As a Floridian myself who was affected by Irma, I really appreciated them taking the time to do this as things kicked off. I have no doubt that the 1 in 10 attendees who are in attendance this week from areas impacted by all the recent hurricanes and storms appreciated it as well.

Check out - It's Like You Were There - our social media summary of the keynote

Of course, the keynote is a high level view of the companies progress and direction as they continue to expand the technologies and services that they provide to their customers around the world. However, scattered throughout the main keynote were a few highlights of some new services and features that are being announced this week and then the meat and potatoes of these announcements were shared in more detailed tech keynotes later in the morning and in other side sessions.

You can see all of our snapshots for these various announcements here on SuperSite: Windows and over on IT Pro: Windows.

Here is a run down of the details for today's news from Microsoft:

Advancing intelligence, management and security to empower the Modern Workplace

Find what you want, discover what you need with personalized intelligent search across Microsoft 365

All Workers Welcome with Microsoft 365

A new vision for intelligent communications in Office 365

Announcing Microsoft 365 Education, a single, affordable technology solution built for education

- What’s new in Office 365 Usage Reporting – Ignite Edition

Build your outer loop:  What's next in Yammer

Maximizing IT’s Impact with Microsoft 365 Powered Devices

Office 365 developer platform @ Ignite 2017

Announcing Windows 10 S Devices for Firstline Workers

Stepping Up Protection with Intelligent Security

Manage Your Compliance From One Place - Announcing Compliance Manager Preview Program

Adding LinkedIn’s Profile Card on Office 365 Offers a Simple Way to Build a Professional Relationship

New Microsoft 365 Features to Accelerate GDPR Compliance

Windows resources to help support your GDPR compliance

I got a sense listening to the different keynotes and announcements that it seems the new focus of Microsoft is their Microsoft 365 package that includes Windows 10, Office 365, and Enterprise Mobility & Management.

Of course, inherent in this package of software is all the cloud services, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and now even Quantum Computing that contributes to the logic and capabilities in those three pillars of Microsoft 365.

Looking forward to Day Two of Ignite as we see how these new features and capabilities are broken down even further.

Stay tuned for our continued coverage throughout the week.


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