CES 2017: Qmadix's NANO Technology Protects Your Phone or Tablet Screens Without a Screen Protector

CES 2017: Qmadix's NANO Technology Protects Your Phone or Tablet Screens Without a Screen Protector

During the Pepcom Digital Experience at CES 2017, one of the companies I stopped and talked to was Qmadix.

They did not have a flashy booth, lights or big demo devices - they simply had a table covered with their Invisible First-Defense Liquid Glass Screen Protector (see the hero image of this article).

Their demo process was to tell you about this product and then offer to protect your device with it right then.

I eagerly stripped the ill-fitting screen protector off my LG Nexus 5X, it was my second go around with this companies offering which always came loose on one edge of the device, and handed it over to the gentleman who was telling me about this NANO based technology.

As he cleaned and applied the liquid screen protector to my phone, it is applied much like was is put on a car and buffed to a shine, he laid out some of its properties to me.

  • Edge to Edge coverage of your screen (phones and tablets up to 10") compared to physical screen protectors that always leave some exposed gap around the edges of a screen.
  • Once applied and dried it is invisible with no bubbles, dust, or impairment to screen function.
  • Water repellant.
  • Scratch resistant.
  • Enhances your screen to 9H (Sapphire) hardness.
  • It is anti-bacterial and not only protects from bacteria but removes any that might be on your screen when it is applied.

When applied the material fills in the small gaps that exists on the nano layer of any surface and bonds with the glass and gains its full 9H hardness level within about 48 hours after being applied.

The product was developed in Germany but the reason they were at CES was their launch of the liquid screen protector in the United States. It is available from Amazon for $39.99 however, while that may seem expensive at first glance, that cost also covers your devices enrollment in the companies $100 Replacement Guarantee for any device that has been protected with the Invisible First-Defense Liquid Glass Screen Protector.

The offer is currently only valid in the 50 United States and it does require you to register your device with the company to initiate the coverage and in case you need to make a claim for repairs. The coverage is for any smartphone or tablet with a screen up to 10" in size.

As I mentioned earlier, I had this material applied to my LG Nexus 5X screen on day 2 of CES and of course it was in and out of my pocket, bag and heavily used while I was at the show. The screen continues to be pristine without any visible scratches or any other issues with functionality.

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