Dell Partners with Google for the Business Cloud

Dell Partners with Google for the Business Cloud

Just off an announcement in December 2013 that Dell is bolstering its Cloud offerings through a strengthened alliance with Microsoft, reports are now stating that Michael Dell's company is also partnering with Google on similar prospects.

As part of its overall service offerings, Dell will begin offering the Google Cloud Platform, which includes Google's computer, storage and application services. With the deal, Dell will be targeting businesses worldwide as part of its Dell Cloud Partner Program.

Just like HP, Dell is putting its eggs in many baskets, hoping that one will hatch and grow into a fruitful business. HP, of course, is investing more heavily in their own, home-grown Cloud offerings (hardware and software) and also in Android as a PC operating system. Dell just announced their own Android hardware over the last few days that will reach consumers later this year.

2014 should be interesting for all parties involved. Can Dell improve and alter its business so that it's no longer dependent on a failing PC market? Can HP win the Cloud through its combined hardware, software, and its open CloudSystems? Can Microsoft and Google exist in the same Cloud?

In the successes of yesteryear, both HP and Dell had focus and seemingly had actual plans to move forward and build revenue. These days, the mix of offerings from both companies confuse the road ahead.

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