Very 1st Surface Pro 2 Firmware and Driver Pack Released

Very 1st Surface Pro 2 Firmware and Driver Pack Released

The Surface Pro 2 has only been publicly available for purchase for a couple days, but already the first firmware and drive pack is ready to install. Those Surface Pro 2 owners who allow Windows Update to manage updates on the new devices should already have it available to install.

However, for those companies that prefer to manage deployment of updates to Surface Pro 2 devices utilized in the corporate structure, the firmware and driver pack is available for download. Grab the download, stick it through your testing process, and then roll it out to your Surface Pro 2 users. And, alternatively, the downloadable pack can be used to inject into the corporate approved Surface Pro 2 OS images for deployment.

The download is available here: Surface Pro 2 firmware and driver pack

P.S. the Surface Pro 2 update history page has not been updated yet to reflect the changes included in this first update.

Interestingly, after you download the update, you'll see that someone fat-thumbed the word 'October.' :)

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