Two New Features Added to Windows Intune During Scheduled Maintenance

Two New Features Added to Windows Intune During Scheduled Maintenance

For North America, Europe, and APAC, Windows Intune is currently undergoing scheduled maintenance. It started on August 26 for North America and extends until August 29, ending with APAC. When maintenance is complete, customers should expect a few mandatory updates to filter to all computers managed by Windows Intune.

During Microsoft's maintenance period a couple new features have been inserted into the Cloud-based management tool:

  • Email provisioning for iOS and Windows Phone 8/8.1 – Email provisioning allows Windows Intune administrators to automate delivery of email profiles and corporate policies to iOS and Windows Phone 8/8.1 devices.
  • IE11 Enterprise mode for Windows 8.1/8.1 RT – This technology added to on-premises recently, allows administrators to control Internet Explorer's compatibility mode centrally.

Microsoft states that the new features are part of an effort to bring Windows Intune under the same quick release cadence as its other products.

More maintenance for Windows Intune is scheduled for September 3 through September 16, but so far, additional features have not been communicated or announced. But, it's likely we will see new capabilities added during this time.

This time of year is normal for Windows Intune maintenance. I remember last year, at IT/Dev Connections 2013, Windows Intune was down for maintenance during a session I was co-presenting on the product. We had to connect a Windows Intune account to a datacenter in Europe to perform demos. It looks like, based on the September schedule, we'll have a recurrence at IT/Dev Connections 2014.

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