Tip: The Microsoft Intune Service Dashboard

Tip: The Microsoft Intune Service Dashboard

With so much emphasis on Microsoft Intune these days, wouldn't it be nice if Microsoft offered a status page like it does for Azure?

It does.

I came across this today and if I had no idea it existed, I figure some of you didn't know about it, too.

The Microsoft Intune Service Dashboard gives you a quick view into the status of Microsoft's Cloud-based management service, allowing you to verify that services are running…



…when maintenance has been scheduled…

…and, even if maintenance is currently active…

This is a great resource because you don't have to be logged into the service to find out if it's working, and you can use a mobile device on the go to get the same status information.

Microsoft Intune Service Dashboard: http://status.manage.microsoft.com/StatusPage/ServiceDashboard


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