TDS launches new tools for cloud migration

TDS launches new tools for cloud migration

Transitional Data Services has launched a new suite of services designed to help enterprise organizations make evaluate and execute their migration to the cloud, and assist them in making the jump to cloud and hybrid computing models.

The new services TDS is rolling out range from cost evaluation to performance comparison to help with selection of the right technology platforms and the best mix of physical and virtual resources.

For example, the firm’s Cost-to-Compute service promises comprehensive evaluation of the cost of deploying various mixes of physical and virtual IT resources, while its Application Benchmarking services evaluate performance of cloud-based apps against what a company is currently using so that a direct comparison can be drawn.

TDS’s Platform Selection service, meanwhile, helps companies decide what technology to rely on for their cloud transition, including the best mix of platforms. The company also offers services to help migrate IT environments, along with technical support.

TDS claims to have the IT pedigree, having worked with a broad range of firms—large entities like John Hancock to Liberty Mutual to the Boston Red Sox, among myriad smaller business customers—on everything from virtualization to data center relocation to cloud migration. It remains to be seen whether IT professionals will embrace its services, either in an a la carte form or for turnkey cloud migration assistance. No information on cost of services has been provided, which is important in particular for smaller companies that may not have the financial wherewithal to pay a consulting firm for assistance in making the transition.


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