Surface Trade-up and Trade-in Program for Businesses

Surface Trade-up and Trade-in Program for Businesses

Just a few days ago, Microsoft touted the Surface Pro 4 as the fastest business-adopted Surface model in history. That’s great news for the Surface line but not necessarily groundbreaking or surprising. Microsoft finally got its tablet offering right with the Surface Pro 3. In essence, the success of the Surface Pro 3, which took a couple years to coalesce while business workers tested and IT scrutinized them, paved the way for the Surface Pro 4 to be seen as a must-have business device.

Not resting on its laurels, Microsoft is now offering a program to make it even easier for business workers to get their hands on the Surface Pro 4. Dubbed the “Microsoft for Business Trade Up and Trade In” program, participants can trade-in old equipment for a brand new device.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Customer requests a quote – 24-hour availability. (participants can get quotes on multiple devices – phone/tablet/laptop/Mac)

  2. Customer accepts quote.

  3. Customer enrolls in the program.

  4. Customer ships devices using prepaid shipping labels.

  5. Confirmation is sent when devices are received.

  6. Data is wiped from old devices as part of the service.

  7. Customer receives and invoice credit for purchasing new devices.

Find out more here:

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