Surface Pro 3 Gets Its Second Firmware Update for March

Surface Pro 3 Gets Its Second Firmware Update for March

On March 10th, Microsoft released a firmware update for the Surface Pro 3 with a single enhancement: Surface Pen Settings driver to enable new functionality. I've sat and waited for that enhancement to exhibit itself, knowing that an update to the Surface Hub app would have to accompany it eventually. That particular enhancement has yet to show up.

Today, Microsoft is releasing a second update for March. Listed as System Firmware Update – 3/26/2015, todays update delivers new support for the UEFI component. Specifically adding:

  • Enterprise disk encryption

  • Advanced configuration settings for device security

  • Configurable support from the Windows OS for provisioning scenarios

Plainly spoken, this update brings new business-type features to allow for more control over security and deployment. The Pro series of Surface tablets are designed for business and these updates should help bolster secure use.

Microsoft has also developed a blog post that expounds on the new features delivered in this update.

The firmware update is available from Windows Update now, with the Enterprise-ready download available here: Surface software, firmware, and drivers

Microsoft is rumored to deliver a consumerized version of the Surface Pro 3 shortly that, if true, will provide a fanless, Windows 10-ready system running a full version of Windows 8.1.

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