Sensible Cloud Intros Cloud Control

Sensible Cloud Intros Cloud Control

sensible_0Cloud control platform developer Sensible Cloud has entered the cloud management sector with a company launch and the introduction of its sense platform that’s designed to give enterprises enhanced control over cloud environments.

The sense platform is designed to help enterprises right-size cloud resources in real-time, driven by users’ business, cost and performance parameters. 

“We’ve talked to numerous cloud users and service providers and identified a significant need for cloud management that provides much more control,” said Tony Morrish, VP of worldwide sales and service for Sensible Cloud. “We know there are a slew of companies that provide cloud platforms, but no one has joined the dots to provide a complete solution.”

Sensible Cloud is making its sense offering available in two configurations: one as a higher-end platform for large enterprises, and an offering geared toward small and mid-sized company that is available as a service and branded as is a pay-as-you-use SaaS solution that offers cloud control services for Amazon EC2 (with the company promising future support for Microsoft Azure, Openstack and RackSpace) with a 30-day free trial. is currently in beta and will become generally available by the end of October.

The company’s aim is to enhance, not necessarily replace, existing control and management systems, said Eddie Budgen, VP of product strategy and marketing for Sensible Cloud.


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