Resource: Collaborating with contributors outside of your company

Resource: Collaborating with contributors outside of your company

As companies look to cut costs they sometimes will bring in temporary or contract employees to accomplish a specific project over a detailed time frame.

One of the challenges in such a work place environment is how to integrate those individuals into your companies teams so they can work and communicate effectively to get the job done.

Yesterday, at the Office Blogs Business Academy they shared a collection of tips for making that collaboration easier and included a free (registration required) eBook with additional information about how the types of workers are changing in our teams.

The four key tips provided by the Office 365 team include:

  1. Streamlining communications by providing access to tools like email and video conferencing that allows direct connectivity with the team.
  2. Enable the easy sharing of files through cloud enabled sharing services that allows quick access and storage of files used by the team.
  3. Using cloud based collaboration for document creation enables all members of the team to be focused on the same goals. It also eliminates versioning challenges that used to happen as we shared documents by email.
  4. Keep company data secure, protected from inadvertent disclosure, and implement the ability to remotely remove access to this data from a remote employee as necessary.

As for the eBook titled 5 Faces of Today's Employees: Understanding our teams, who we work with, and how they collaborate the best it will take just a minute to register so that you can download the 16 page document.

Here is the opening summary of the book to give you an idea on its focus:

"Next time you’re in your office, take a look around at your employees and colleagues. You won’t find one type of worker. Instead, you’ll find a variety of employees spanning different work styles, personality types, skillsets, and generations. Some may work better in large groups, while others do their best thinking in isolation. And while you may notice your younger employees looking for the latest and greatest communication tools, older generations may want nothing more than email.

But keep in mind that your company probably expands beyond the employees in your office. More likely than not, you have remote workers, independent contractors, and business partners, all working outside your office walls."

But, wait...there's probably more so be sure to follow me on Twitter and Google+.

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