A Procrastinator’s Holiday Shopping List

A Procrastinator’s Holiday Shopping List

According to some reports procrastinating can actually improve the end result of your work.

An area that procrastinating can have a detrimental impact on is gift shopping because you either have to go out and brave the crowded stores on Christmas Eve or you can choose to order online but even one-day shipping is not going to get your last minute gifts delivered in time.

Luckily, in today’s world this is easily overcome because electronic gift card options are available that can be delivered by email, in some cases at the exact date and time you select, or they can be easily printed out and placed in an envelope under the tree.

A secondary possibility is going to your local grocery store, where crowds can be a little less crazy, and check for a gift card rack. Many of these locations now have these gift card centers in their stores to make purchasing quick and easy.

Here are some ideas to get you thinking about how to complete those last minute shopping needs.


Fandango is one of the most popular movie ticket options available and these cards can be used on their website to purchase movie tickets to any scheduled showings at participating theaters. Of course, other movie theaters likely have their own gift card options as well.


Apple, Android and Windows all have app stores on their platforms now and each offer digital delivery options. These cards can be used to purchase a wide variety of items in each app store including of course apps plus games, music, movies, TV and in app purchases.


One of the most popular places to shop online is Amazon and they have multiple options for electronic gift cards. Since nearly everything from A to Z can be bought from Amazon this makes for a perfect gift card option and the recipient can pretty much get whatever they want/need.

Other large box stores such as Target, Walmart and Best Buy also have electronic gift card options if you prefer to keep the shopping local.


This category is a little more hit and miss compared to the first three. Both fast-food and restaurant chains typically offer gift cards but whether or not they are available for digital delivery is the bigger unknown. Check the website for your preferred options to see what they offer. You can also find many popular chains available in the gift card displays in grocery stores which I mentioned earlier.

Do you have a favorite last minute gift suggestion?

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