New SNIA Forum Aimed at Data Management

New SNIA Forum Aimed at Data Management
   The Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) has formed a new group, called the Data Management Forum (DMF), to focus on data-related protection, retention, and lifecycle management concerns. Targeted at IT professionals, the forum will "define, progress, qualify, and teach improved and reliable methods for the protection, retention, and lifecycle management of electronic data and information." The DMF will also include SNIA's Enhanced Backup Solutions Initiative (EBSI), which was previously an independent initiative. The EBSI's mission was similar to the DMF's.
   Two initiatives are already underway as part of the DMF. The Data Protection Initiative focuses on projects that SNIA began under the EBSI, including designing an architectural model for data protection, publishing a data-protection glossary and implementation guidelines, and maintaining an "EnhancedBackup IT" Web site. The Information Lifecycle Management Initiative is new and focuses on a similar set of projects as the Data Protection Initiative, but for operating practices.
   Additional information about the DMF is available here

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