Miracast Support for Surface 2 Series May Get Simpler Soon

Miracast Support for Surface 2 Series May Get Simpler Soon

Miracast is a technology that Microsoft has been proud to promote for its Surface devices, but alas, very few have been able to get it to work. According to a filing with the FCC, Microsoft may be working to solve the issue for good with the release of a special Wi-Fi dongle.

Miracast is a broad, standards-based technology that creates a wireless video network that negotiates video streaming between a device and a supported television. In effect, using compatible devices, you can "cast" your device's screen across the room to a television. Some TVs come with Miracast support built-in, but for those that don't, you can invest in cost worthy devices such as the Netgear PTV3000 that I outlined in Getting it to Work: Miracast, Windows 8.1, and a Plain Old Surface Pro, Version 1. I use this constantly, and the setup works perfectly for me.  However, even with this setup, there are many who still have problems and it boils down to the television itself not being compatible.

In a recent FCC filing, Microsoft is seeking to eliminate the range of compatibility issues by manufacturing a special dongle called the Surface Wireless Display Adapter. The dongle plugs into the HDMI port of the remote display and provides the Miracast handshake. Rumors suggest that the dongle may be available sometime in August.

Incidentally, it's also rumored that an upcoming Xbox One update will turn Microsoft's game/entertainment hub into a Miracast receiver.  Pricing for the dongle has not been set and of course the Xbox One sits at $500 a pop. For those that already own a Microsoft Surface, hopefully the dongle will be a cheaper fix.

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