Microsoft Work and Play Bundle available for $149 per year

Microsoft Work and Play Bundle available for $149 per year

Last year Microsoft offered a bundled package of services for a brief period of time which, according to Microsoft, was well received.  It was however, a limited time offer and ultimately expired.

It was called the Work and Play bundle and at that time was offered for $199 and could only be purchased in physical Microsoft Store.

Today the bundle has re-surfaced and is being offered for $50 less, at $149 for 12 months, and is avail to be purchased online through the Microsoft Store in the US only.

The bundle includes the following 12 month subscriptions:

- Office 365 Home: Get work done anytime, anywhere, and on virtually any device. Includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more. Also comes with 1 TB OneDrive online storage so you can manage and share your photos, videos, and documents.

- WiFi and Skype Unlimited World: Get WiFi access at over 2 million hotspots worldwide – connect to the internet from virtually any device. You also get unlimited minutes to call friends and family around the globe from your laptop, tablet, phone, or TV. 

- Xbox Live Gold: Get the most advanced multiplayer, free games, exclusive discounts on games in the Xbox Store, and more.

- Xbox Music Pass: Get unlimited access to millions of songs. Stream ad-free or download as much as you like. Listen on your PC, tablet, phone, Xbox, and on the web.

If you were to subscribe to all of these on an individual basis the overall cost would be approximately $428 - that is an annual savings of about $280.

Already subscribed to one of those services? Then your current subscription will have an additional 12 months added to it. 

If you have other question be sure to check out the entire FAQ about the Work and Play Bundle.

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