Microsoft Ignite Headed to 40,000 Attendees?

Microsoft Ignite Headed to 40,000 Attendees?

Despite attendee complaints that the event was way too big, lacked focus, and logistics were a nightmare, Ignite is being labeled a success – at least based a new video produced by Event Marketer.

Joe English, event designer and futurist with Event Marketer, sat down with several key marketing people from Microsoft during the event in Chicago this year and produced an interview that has some golden nuggets inside. One of those nuggets was the answer to the question..."Will this be a 40,000 person event?"

There was a reported 28,000 in attendance this year.

The commentary ranges from the strategy behind consolidating six different events based on a One Microsoft to the vision used to develop the massive undertaking. If you attended this year or weren't able to make it for one reason or another, this is definitely worth a watch. Swing and a miss or just fodder for improvement?


Microsoft Ignite Back in Chicago for 2016

Microsoft Ignite is a Product of Customer Feedback

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