Likewise enhances cloud storage

Likewise enhances cloud storage

likewise_0Likewise Software, an OEM creator of identity, security and storage software for the enterprise, has released a new storage solution aimed at providing enterprises with a consistent security model for file-based access across Linux, Unix and Windows.

The platform, called Likewise Storage Services, adds a network file system (NFS) module to the widely used Likewise common internet file system (CIFS) platform. The CIFS platform is already licensed EMC-DataDomain, HP, Isilon and other storage vendors.

“There’s a core problem in the storage area: A coherency across Linux, Unix and Windows,” said Ken Cheney, VP of marketing and business development for Likewise. “As a result, enterprises run redundant systems. We’re providing coherency across platforms.”

Likewise Storage Services provides client-side and server-side CIFS with SMB and SMB2 support, as well as NFS v3 support so Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Unix clients can access folders and files over a network. The Likewise Storage Services FUSE module lets enterprises mount remote Windows shares on a Linux computer to access folders and files, and remotely manage Likewise Storage Services File Server on Linux and Unix machines by using Windows tools.

Because Likewise is an OEM provider, enterprises will have to wait for their storage vendors to implement the platform—and Cheney is confident they will.

“Our expertise in identity and access management allows us to address this intersection between identity, security and storage,” he said.


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