Learn from the Microsoft Cloud Roadshow On-Demand

Learn from the Microsoft Cloud Roadshow On-Demand

Microsoft has been hosting the Microsoft Cloud Roadshow around the world and still has upcoming events in Sydney, Seoul, The Hague and Milan.

The event has already been held in twelve other cities worldwide but what if you missed one of those or can not get to one of the last few events?

Well, Microsoft's Virtual Academy (MVA) is delivering the more than 80 sessions that make up the Microsoft Cloud Roadshow through on-demand viewing.

All of the sessions listed at the MVA Cloud Roadshow page are considered Level 100 courses and will help you in several areas according to Microsoft:

"Whether you’re keeping your existing cloud skills current or you’re just getting started, having access to best practices and training is now more critical than ever. Explore these Microsoft Cloud Roadshow sessions to find technical training for IT Professionals and Developers. Get practical insight and helpful tips, directly from the experts who build and run cloud services across Office 365, Microsoft Azure, and Windows 10."

IT Managers and decision makers can also benefit from viewing these sessions as many of them provide solid insight into Microsoft's cloud based services and offerings.

To give you an idea of the subjects available here is a snapshot:

As you can see, just these 10 sessions cover a wide variety of areas so there are 73 more waiting for you at the MVA Cloud Roadshow.

But, wait...there's probably more so be sure to follow me on Twitter and Google+.


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