HP Rebuts the Death of its Public Cloud, Focuses on Helion Hybrid

HP Rebuts the Death of its Public Cloud, Focuses on Helion Hybrid

Last week, Quentin Hardy with the New York Times posted an article that reported HP's latest round of reorganization was capped by a change in its public Cloud offerings. Essentially, HP was ceding the Cloud crown, no longer wanting to compete with the likes of Amazon, Google, and Microsoft.

Based on that information, I wrote a brief commentary on the situation in HP on the Cloud: We're All Out, highlighting that HP was trading its history of unsuccessful Cloud pushes for its server hardware business. Instead of being a Cloud service provider, HP could put its focus on being a provider for the Cloud. I still stand by that. I think it's a wonderful idea. There's a lot of complexity, which leads to a lot of market confusion, when strategy is rebooted every six months or so.

Today HP has taken to its blogs to clarify its stance. It still doesn't emphasize its Public Cloud offering, but instead highlights the Hybrid Cloud as the way forward. The Hybrid Cloud, of course, is a more defined business prospect, allowing companies to take advantage of a mixture of private and public Cloud services.

Full blog post: HP Helion Strategy to Deliver Hybrid IT Continues Strong

The post delivers areas where HP believes it has opportunities to still compete against the Amazon's, Google's, and Microsoft's of the world, providing some information about its current services. Specifically:

  • HP operates one of the largest OpenStack-based public clouds
  • HP¬†operates a fast growing hosted, virtual private cloud
  • HP's private cloud and managed private cloud leadership continues to win accolades
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