Google Seeks to Refocus on the Cloud with a Machine Learning Platform

Google Seeks to Refocus on the Cloud with a Machine Learning Platform

IBM is probably the lower hanging fruit in this case, but Google is now investing resources into a new Cloud Machine Learning product that it hopes will make it competitive in the Cloud industry against the likes of Amazon, Microsoft, and IBM. The company has slowly lost pace with the rest of the industry in the last few years. There’s no good reason for losing ground other than focus. Now, that the company has reorganized under Alphabet, it appears Google is back to being interested in innovating and cutting off the slough that has been weighing it down.

If Google can minimize distractions and retain focus long enough, it could still have a shot somewhere in the Cloud industry. So, the news coming out its NEXT Google Cloud Platform user conference yesterday that the company is releasing a new Machine Learning product shows that it’s still determined to compete.

Google Cloud Machine Learning seeks to provide modern machine learning services through a neural net-based platform. In essence, Google is delivering large scale deep learning systems to match IBM’s Watson AI technology. This is not a first-run product. Google has been experimenting and fine-tuning the solution for a while as part of image search, voice search, translations, and Smart Reply for Inbox. The release of Machine Learning as a platform shows that Google is now dedicated to go beyond just research and deliver an actual product platform that can be used, marketed, and sold.

To find out more, see the Cloud Machine Learning Products page

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