Gazzang offers up more cloud armor

Gazzang offers up more cloud armor

Software developer Gazzang is continuing its quest to make the cloud-based world safer with the release of a new security platform designed to add more layers of protection to enterprise data.

Gazzang’s products are designed to address security risks in MySQL databases, but its ultimate ambition is to produce security tools for other open-source software platforms as well—the entire so-called LAMP stack of Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. The firm’s new release, called ezNcrypt, provides public/private key encryption and integration with hardware security module (HSM) technologies. Its transparent data encryption (TDE) process auto-encrypts MySQL data at rest with dual authentication keys without requiring changes to existing applications or databases.

Other enhanced features of the latest release of ezNcrypt include OpenSSL engine support and encryption for MySQL databases using Rightscale templates.

A recent report by the analyst firm The 451 Group called Gazzang’s approach to database encryption “an innovative new key management system,” adding:

“The challenge of cloud adoption is the lack of sophisticated tools to exert control over any mission-critical code and data entrusted to it. Gazzang’s founders believe the biggest technology hole is around data security…The company’s strategy, therefore, is to offer cloud data security through encryption. With Gazzang's software, organizations shouldn’t need to change their own applications, code or MySQL deployments. Once ezNcrypt is in place, the database should be protected even from its own users. No user – including root – should be able to unlock the data without the key.”

Gazzang is relatively new to the security software game, but has an experienced executive team and last December raised $3.5 million in Series A funding from Austin Ventures and other investors. The company’s focus on MySQL makes sense given the popularity of that database platform, and the expansion path Gazzang has described also follows enterprise cloud trends. Successful deployment of this new version of ezNcrypt should help Gazzang rally support from what The 451 describes as “practitioners who can become evangelists within an enterprise.”




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