Fujitsu: We're Number Two!

Fujitsu has announced that it is now the number two supplier of enterprise hard disk drives in the world. The claim is based on data from a Gartner report, which said the company shipped 21.3 percent of the total enterprise-class hard disk drives in third quarter 2001. Fujitsu's shipments increased 27 percent from second to third quarter 2001. Gartner predicts that the enterprise hard disk drives segment will grow to more than 26 million units in 2005 from the estimated 19 million units expected to ship in 2001.

"Clearly, this market will grow substantially in coming years, and those companies with superior technology and consistently fast time-to-market will reap the benefits of that growth," said the report's author, John Monroe, chief analyst at Gartner.

Fujitsu believes it's poised to take advantage of the growth in the market with its fibre solutions, Ultra320 SCSI solutions, and the industry's fastest 15,000rpm enterprise hard disk drives.

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