Fujitsu launches pre-configured private clouds

Fujitsu has introduced a preconfigured datacenter solution for private cloud environments that combines its Dynamic Infrastructures platform with Microsoft Windows Server Hyper-V and System Center, providing enterprises with what the company calls ready-to-run, automated and pre-tested private cloud environments.

“Enterprises of all sizes can benefit from private cloud,” said Manuel Martull, senior director of server marketing for the platform products group of Fujitsu America. “The size of the deployment could range from a small ‘private cloud in a box’ implementation to one in a large scale datacenter.”

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Fujitsu offers enterprise customers support through all steps of the private cloud implementation process, Martull said, from planning through final deployment phase. The company also addresses enterprises’ concerns about reliability and security, he said, by adjusting each private cloud implementation to availability and service levels dictated by the customer’s business needs.

“Fujitsu cloud solutions—on the client premise or on the Fujitsu premise—mitigate risk with agility, flexibility and security, along with a pay-as-you-grow model that reduces capital expenses, improves efficiency and increases ROI,” Martull said.

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