Did Microsoft Try to Sneak in a Surface Pro 3 Firmware Update in December?

Did Microsoft Try to Sneak in a Surface Pro 3 Firmware Update in December?

Earlier in December it was reported that Microsoft was not planning to release any Surface tablet series updates before the end of 2014, but a notification today tells a different story.

Listed as a December 30th, 2014 release, a new System Firmware Update for the Surface Pro 3 might actually be available - sometime. According to the Surface Pro 3 Update History page, there's only a single improvement in this new update and that is only to improve compatibility with the recently unveiled Surface Hub app.

I'm a Surface Pro 3 user, but have yet to see the update available in the Windows Update component for my tablet despite the Update History page suggesting I should have it already. So, it’s a bit confusing. Searching through my Update History in Windows 8.1, it's clear to me that something's screwy.

Of course, Microsoft's Update History page tells that Surface updates are delivered in stages and that not every Surface tablet will receive updates at the same time. So, it's possible, with Azure outages and other Microsoft service outages that kicked off 2015, the update is stuck in delivery mode and we could still see it yet this week.

Once it's available, the Firmware and Driver Packs downloads for Enterprise deployment will be updated.

Did you get your update yet? Let me know when you do.


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