Dell to Sell and Service Microsoft's Surface Pro Tablets

Dell to Sell and Service Microsoft's Surface Pro Tablets

Microsoft today has announced a partnership with Dell in that the hardware company will not only sell Microsoft's Surface Pro line of tablets, but also deliver enterprise-class support services along with them.

Dubbed the Surface Enterprise Initiative, the program will kick off in early October in the US and Canada, leading many to believe that a Surface Pro 4 release is imminent and would play to the rumor that Microsoft is set to deliver a litany of new and refreshed hardware devices next month. The wording in the news announcement uses the generic term "Surface Pro" and doesn't suggest tablet versions.

The Surface Enterprise Initiative is part of a promise made by the company earlier this year, stating that it would expand the program. Today, Microsoft promises that the initiative will be rolled out to 28 more commercial markets in early 2016.

In today's release, Microsoft has stated that HP, Accenture and Avanade will also support the initiative, but doesn’t go as far as to suggest that HP will also sell the Surface Pro tablet.

Surface Pro devices sold through Dell will…

  • Include an option for Dell Services

  • Provide an option for Dell Hardware Warranty (up to 4 years)

  • Include ProSupport with Accidental Damage service

  • Offer configuration and deployment services

Dell is not giving up on its own Windows 10 devices, but instead including the Surface Pro alongside its existing Windows table portfolio.

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