Bing Rewards Brings Free Surface RTs to the Classroom

Bing Rewards Brings Free Surface RTs to the Classroom

Today, Microsoft is launching the Bing for Schools program. At the basic level, Microsoft will be rolling out an ad-free version of the Bing search service for schools that also provides filtering and privacy protections for the classroom. The program is starting as a pilot, providing access to 800,000 students across the US. The hope is to move to all schools soon.

Bing for Schools is designed to target each individual in the education chain. Administrators can register their school to be part of the program. Parents and teachers can take part in Bing Rewards to earn Surface RT tablets for the school. And, students can utilize Bing to safely locate school related material without having to combat adult content and be distracted with annoying ads.

To receive a free Surface RT tablet (with a free Touch Cover), each time a participating school reaches 30,000 Bing Reward credits, Microsoft will empty its sagging shelves of one more Surface RT and mail it out. Bing Rewards can be accrued using any device, anywhere.  30,000 is not a tough credit amount to achieve. Microsoft estimates that 60 active Bing Rewards members can work to achieve a Surface RT a month.

Check out the Bing for Schools web site for more information:

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