AVG launches cloud-based storage

AVG launches cloud-based storage

avg_0AVG Technologies has entered the cloud-based storage and sync game with a new offering called LiveKive, aimed at consumers and businesses that trust the cloud for backup and sharing. The company joins the ranks of popular recent releases like the cloud-based hosting and backup services Dropbox and Box.net.

LiveKive’s automated syncing functionality works on both Apple and Microsoft platforms, and lets data be viewed and shared from any web-enabled device—including Android- and Apple iOS-based mobile gadgets. The company is offering three tiers of storage options, ranging from 5 GB (free) to 25 GB ($49.99/year) to unlimited ($79.99/year).

While there are a host of cloud-based backup, storage and sharing options available, AVG has the advantage of already holding serving a large share of the anti-virus market with its software: The company claims to protect more than 110 million consumers and small businesses from viruses, spam, cyber-scams and hackers on the Internet. So the transfer of its name awareness and software expertise to cloud storage—an area where users obviously are worried about security and virus threats—is a natural move.

The LiveKive offering is targeted toward general consumers (much of the company’s marketing push is aimed at users who are seeking simpler ways to “share their personal memories” and “backup their vital data including photos, videos and music”), the platform also can be valuable to businesses—particularly small outfits with distributed workforces and many vendors. The price point certainly reflects that as well. 

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