Amazon Pulls WorkSpaces Out of Preview and Introduces WorkSpaces Sync

Amazon Pulls WorkSpaces Out of Preview and Introduces WorkSpaces Sync

Announced last fall in limited preview, Amazon WorkSpaces is a virtualized desktop configured to run in the AWS cloud environment.

Today, Amazon is announcing that WorkSpaces is now being offered publicly and has shed the "preview" or "beta" title.

WorkSpaces is a valuable solution for companies who employ highly mobile workers that need access to Windows desktops across a multitude of devices. WorkSpaces supports Mac OS, Windows, iPad, Kindle Fire, and Android. WorkSpaces is also a great solution for temporary help, or temporary desktop use, allowing virtual desktop sessions to be spun-up quickly without the long-term cost of additional hardware and OS licensing.

Also, announced today, Amazon is introducing WorkSpaces Sync. WorkSpaces Sync supports Windows and Mac OS, and is intended to continuously and automatically backup any documents created during a WorkSpaces session. In the event the virtual desktop shuts down unexpectedly this can ensure that works is not lost. Sync can also be configured to work like Microsoft's OneDrive, in that it can be installed on a local system so that work created in a WorkSpaces session can be available there.

The Amazon Web Services Blog provides the particulars, including directions on how to set it up: Amazon WorkSpaces is Now Available

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