Amazon Launches Unlimited Cloud Storage Plan for $60 Annually

Amazon Launches Unlimited Cloud Storage Plan for $60 Annually

What's the cost of unlimited storage space in the Cloud? Amazon thinks it knows.

It's tough to put an actual price on Cloud storage these days, with so many offerings from so many Cloud providers. Microsoft, Google and others have entered the storage fray with guns blazing, offering discounted prices and special package deals through value-added offerings.

Amazon today has upped the ante, announcing two new plans.

The first is an Unlimited Photos Plan, allowing endless storage for just for photos uploaded from phones, cameras, and other devices. The cost is $11.99 per year with a free 3-month trial available. An additional amount of storage is set aside if you want to upload videos or other documents and files, but it is capped at 5GB.

The second new plan is what Amazon calls the Unlimited Everything Plan. This plan costs $59.99 per year and allows customers to store anything and everything for as long as they keep the subscription up-to-date. A 3-month trial is also available.

Microsoft and Google offer a significant amount of storage for customers already, but the plans are limited by the total amount of storage. Looking through my OneDrive account, I current have 10.3 TB of free space available. That's not "unlimited" but I'm positive I will never come close to filling it up, even after uploading all my locally stored MP3's to take advantage of the new music streaming capabilities of OneDrive. My 10.3 TB of space comes from a mixture of specials, bonuses, and a subscription to Office 365. And, paying far less than Amazon's proposed $60, but I also don't have unlimited storage, though I'm not sure I'd pay the money for something I will probably never need.

I'm sure Amazon's announcement will cause stirs in both the Microsoft and Google storage camps and we might see new revelations shortly, but on logical perception alone, today's announcement is not monumental.

Full details here: Amazon Cloud Drive

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