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Accenture Launches Suite to Smooth Transition to Oracle Cloud

The group is launching a so-called accelerator to help make its customers’ journeys to the Oracle Cloud easier.

Since its launch two years ago, the Accenture Oracle Business Group has helped 300 clients embrace new technologies, with a focus on cloud. Now, the group is launching a so-called accelerator to help make its customers’ journeys to the Oracle Cloud easier.  

At Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco this week, Accenture launched the Accenture Cloud Suite for Oracle, which combines solutions, tools and best practices to match customers with the right Oracle Cloud solutions for their business.  

Accenture has more than 54,000 Oracle-skilled consultants, and has been one of Oracle's leading systems integration partner globally 12 years in a row. 

Pat Sullivan, Global Oracle Technology Lead, Accenture, joined the company 7 years ago. He said the Accenture Oracle Business Group was launched in 2015 to help customers adopt new technologies including cloud, analytics, blockchain, and artificial intelligence. The group has built several industry solutions, including one for government, and for life sciences, and through that process has learned a lot about customer journeys, lessons which are applied in its new Accenture Cloud Suite for Oracle.

“As we’re talking with our clients and working with them to understand what it is that they want to accomplish from a business perspective we do quite a bit of work and listening up front. From there we start to look at the different technologies across the entire landscape and once we have a better understanding of that that’s when we start to recommend technologies,” he said.

“We will now be leveraging a new accelerator that we have called the Accenture Cloud Suite for Oracle. The concept is to build a custom journey to the Oracle Cloud for our clients, based on the assets, the accelerators and the artifacts that we have purpose-built for Oracle Cloud. We have over 200 of these that we have compiled over the past three years,” he said.

Accenture Cloud Suite for Oracle has four main quadrants: Architect, Accelerate, Automate and Delivery. Architect provides reference architectures and decision trees; Accelerate includes starter kits, pre-built integrations, and testing and training assets; Automate includes automated tools for DevOps, testing and environment provisioning, as well as Artificial Intelligence & Robotic Process Automation tools and solutions. 

Accenture says that DeliveryCombines its "experience in industrialized delivery methods with agile and liquid delivery for cloud solutions. This work is backed by Accenture’s in-house design agencies, such as Fjord, and delivered by a network of Oracle-focused Global Delivery Centers, Innovation Centers, and Liquid Studios."

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