11 Glorious Sessions on Storage and Virtualization

In this 11 session online class we start with the basics of storage covering all the components of the storage array, what each of the parts do and many of the common options for those parts.  This includes the RAID levels, spindle types, concepts of tiered storage and how to document the storage array in your environment to make management easier and faster.  From there we more info configuring storage for performance where we talk about how to make your database run faster using the storage platform that you have available.

Unfortunately in this session I don't go into setting things like the HBA queue depth or any of the really advanced settings like that, mostly because those settings are one off changes that are very vendor dependent on how and when to change them.

From there we talk about some of the more advanced storage array concepts like taking LUN level snapshots and clones and some of the things that you can use these snapshots and clones for.  The next lesson includes talking about the actual storage network.

From here we move into virtualization where we have an overview of virtualization including both Hyper-V and VMware.  We then look at some of the options for running SQL Server within a Virtual Machine including the reserved memory and balloon drivers.  The last two sessions we talk at a high level about using these technologies to talk about our High Availability and Disaster Recovery options.

Now this session is not specific to a single vendor.  In fact I try and cover all the vendors equally not bashing or pushing any specific vendor.  There will be a little more EMC specific information in the session as I have logged more hours managing EMC equipment than the other vendors.  However during the session I do specifically speak about NetApp, 3PAR, HP MSA, and IBM XIV as well as I few others.

If any of this sounds like stuff that you want to learn more about, you should check out the online course outline and get signed up for the course.  The best part about the online classes sponsored by SSWUG is that you don't have to take the classes in a vacuum.  I'll be available during office hours each day during the length of the course (I actually won't be there until the 20th as I'm out of the country, but as a student in the course you'll have my email address and I'll email you back as quickly as I can).  You'll also have access to the other students who are in the office hours live chat asking their questions.

The goal by the end of this class isn't that you are qualified to be a storage administrator (I do offer all sorts of personalized training using your hardware or a vendors lab) but so that you can have intelligent, productive conversations with your storage and virtualization teams and so that you understand the issues that they have and so that you have an good understanding of the technology that they work with so that you can all work together to get the best possible performance out of the systems that you have.

The rates for this training are very agreeable.  There are two pricing levels, if you have a SSWUG member or not.  For those that aren't a SSWUG member the class is $199, for those that are the class is $169.  So that you don't have to remember everything and have the ability to go back and watch the sessions later on you can also purchase the class on DVD.  The DVDs are available for $199 if you purchase the online class, and they are available for $399 if you don't purchase the online class.  (Do note that if you purchase the DVD without the online class you don't get access to the live chat and office hours.)

I hope to see you in the class,


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